False Confessions First Book Signing

You just got your shiny, new books. The cover is just as you had imagined it; colorful, spine on straight, image right side up. Pages are all in the right place…inside the book.

Then it’s book signing day! Fifteen authors sold and signed their books at the 2011 UNF Writers Conference on August 5. I was one. It was the ultimate author experience. Readers crowding around your table, laughing at the back cover blurb. False Confessions of a True Hollywood Screenwriters is a comedy, so laughing is very good. People buying books. Author (me) signing books.

Over 20 copies of the book were sold in that one hour. Pretty good, I’d say. Let’s see, if there are 40 hours in a work week and I sell 20 books per hour at $12.99 each, that’s…$10,392 per week. Holy wow! If only it worked that way.

Working on uploading e-books to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple iBookstore.   POWER TO THE WRITER!

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