ORTEGA RIVER RATS (proof of concept short)

Less than 24 hours after the cast and crew screening of our short, Ortega River Rats, our executive producer received an offer to distribute a feature based on the short!

Family Time Travel Adventure about four kids who search for the lost treasure of legendary gangster Machine Gun Kelly to save the life of their beloved dog. But when they break into the house where the gangster hid out in the 1930s, they unwittingly stumble into a time warp. And yes, they find the treasure, but that’s just as Machine Gun Kelly finds them. Can their 21stCentury smarts and technology help them find their way home in time to save themselves and their dog?

Official Selection of 2018 Woods Hole Film Festival, Cape Cod

Since the film is being submitted to film festivals worldwide, it cannot be found online.

Imdb page: https://pro.imdb.com/title/tt5527726/

Executive Producers: Duane A. Sikes, Grace Bryan
Producers: Grace Bryan, Sharon Y. Cobb
Director: Robert Henderson
Writer: Sharon Y. Cobb

Cooper Chapman, Auggie Pulliam, Evan Gray, Hailey Todd, Samuel Portugal, Daniel Forte, Dawn Crawford, Kenny Logsdon, Courtney Gardner, Chad Light, Grace Bryan, Mike Heath, Jr., Dean Phillippi, Sr., Victor Jones, Gylphie as Chance the dog