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Sharon Y. Cobb is a professional screenwriter and member of the Writers Guild of America west. She is author of False Confessions of a True Hollywood Screenwriter, a novel about the madness of Hollywood.

Sharon also has a new non-fiction screenwriting e-book launching at the 2020 Filmapalooza film festival in Rotterdam. The e-book, Secrets to Writing a Killer 48 Hour Film Project Screenplay, is available for free download at An expanded, print version of the book will be available soon on

She has sold over a dozen projects to Hollywood and had some films made. Her current project is a feature thriller based on a true-life story set in mid-70s Florida. Her most recently released film is June, a horror flick written with director L. Gustavo Cooper. Other produced films written by Sharon include: Lighthouse Hill a British romcom starring Jason Flemyng and On Hostile Ground (story by), a film made for TBS starring John Corbett.

Sharon has written scores of short films and scripts for the 48 Hour Film Project for teams in Jacksonville, FL, Washington, D.C. and Savannah, GA. She has also served as judge for many 48 Hour Film Project competitions.

Sharon also wrote a book called Touched by an Angel, A Christmas Miracle based on the popular television program. She’s won some screenwriting awards, but not an Oscar, although she would happily accept one if offered.

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