Coming Soon! False Confessions of a True Hollywood Screenwriter

In Hollywood, there are no rules and they’re strictly enforced.

That’s one of the things Liz Bradbury learns during her eight long, torturous years in LA working as a professional screenwriter. You can’t get an agent until you don’t need one. You can’t sell a script until you’ve already sold one. Paradoxes of the movie business are driving her mad.

Liz lives with Christopher, her ideal man and perfect marriage material. But every time they head down the aisle, catastrophes ranging from a wedding mansion explosion to a plane crash halt the wedding march. Christopher is certain the fates are telling them to forget about making it legal. Liz isn’t so sure.

It’s not until Liz takes on Hollywood — in an estrogen-fueled rampage including kidnapping her lying, scheming agents and a movie star, a hostage standoff, a nationally televised car chase, and a siege by SWAT teams — that she realizes only in Hell-A could crime run amuck have such a deliriously happy Hollywood ending.

False Confessions of a True Hollywood Screenwriter is an action-adventure comedy about taking fate hostage, shaping your own destiny and never giving up.


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