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  1. Mary Ann says:

    Hi Sharon,
    I met you last summer at Flagler College. I’m trying
    to get in touch with John Simmons who was also
    there and introduced as a web technician who could
    help with web design. Do you have his contact information
    or do you have any recommendations for this?

  2. SYC201113 says:

    Hi Mary Ann, Great to hear from you. Yes, of course, I do have John’s contact info. I highly recommend him for ebook conversions, etc. His email address is: Keep me updated on your book! Sharon

  3. David says:

    Miss Cobb

    I am a new script writer and I am new to Jacksonville as well, are there any groups that meet up to discuss script writing or any other ways to communicate with other writers?

  4. Sharon Y. Cobb says:

    Hi David, So glad to hear we have a new screenwriter in town. Currently, there are no writers group dedicated to screenwriting that I know. There is the Florida Writers Association but most of their members are authors. I teach screenwriting classes at the University of North Florida and sometimes writers form groups for critiques out of that class. I have a class coming up this Saturday if you’re interested email me directly: Write on, Sharon

  5. Carl Burak says:

    Hi Sharon,

    The course on blogging yesterday was very helpful, a conclusion shared by all of us, (Melissa, Jackie and Donald).
    Thanks. Warmest regards, Carl

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