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  1. Mary Ann says:

    Hi Sharon,
    I met you last summer at Flagler College. I’m trying
    to get in touch with John Simmons who was also
    there and introduced as a web technician who could
    help with web design. Do you have his contact information
    or do you have any recommendations for this?

  2. David says:

    Miss Cobb

    I am a new script writer and I am new to Jacksonville as well, are there any groups that meet up to discuss script writing or any other ways to communicate with other writers?

    • Sharon Y. Cobb says:

      Hi David, So glad to hear we have a new screenwriter in town. Currently, there are no writers group dedicated to screenwriting that I know. There is the Florida Writers Association but most of their members are authors. I teach screenwriting classes at the University of North Florida and sometimes writers form groups for critiques out of that class. I have a class coming up this Saturday if you’re interested email me directly: Write on, Sharon

  3. Carl Burak says:

    Hi Sharon,

    The course on blogging yesterday was very helpful, a conclusion shared by all of us, (Melissa, Jackie and Donald).
    Thanks. Warmest regards, Carl

    • Sharon Y. Cobb says:

      Hi Dr. Carl, So happy you guys enjoyed the blog workshop. It was so good to see you again and meet your new team. And thanks so much for your book Medicine’s Moral Mess! Hope it’ll be a best-seller! Let me know when your new blog goes live and I’ll post a link on my blog! Best, Sharon

  4. Dave Stang says:

    Have a copyrighting question for you. I am writing a screenplay that has a very unique concept. The concept is really more important than the screenplay itself. I will only discuss the concept with producers who are willing to sign a non disclosure agreement.
    Can I copyright a treatment of the screenplay?

    • Sharon Y. Cobb says:

      Hi Dave, First, congrats on a high concept idea for a film. And, secondly, this is an excellent question. In my experience, the optimal way to protect your work is to write the script, copyright with Washington copyright office and register the script with WGA online. The form of the idea (meaning all the story, characters and dialogue in the script) is what is protected by copyright. If you have a high-concept, commercial concept it can be risky to pitch without first completing the script. Few or no producers make deals with writers to write a script from a pitch, unless the writer is well known with lots of produced credits. Asking a producer to sign a non-disclosure agreement is highly unusual and would probably not get you on the producers “I gotta work with this guy” list.
      Can you copyright a treatment of the screenplay? You may register is with WGA online. The only thing is: remember, it’s the form of the idea with all the scenes, characters and dialogue that is protected, not the actual idea or title. Write the screenplay and then copyright and register with WGA. That’s my best advice. Best of luck with your writing, Dave.

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