One of my favorite short films I’ve ever written was for Marc Boese’s Team Best Friends. It’s called The Other Half and it was made for the 2012 48 Go Green International Film Competition.

A fantasy about Albert Smith who is looking for the young woman in a torn photo he found. Lark Green is trying to tell the world about how to save the environment. No one listens. She knows she must find the boy in a torn photo she’s found because he will help her save the earth. Will Albert and Lark find each other? In a world as messed as this one…maybe.


Go Green Top 45 Best Films, Top 15 Best Films, and Runner Up for 2012 Best Film in the world! It was screened at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills, CA, April 19, 2013.

Watch here:

Director: Marc Boese, Best Friends Films
Writer: Sharon Y. Cobb
Cinematographer/Editor: Mark Hubbard
Sound Recording: Matt Simons
Music: Richard Colado & Andrei Omelyanenko
Graphics: Brian Oakley
Line Producer: Marcus Taylor, Scott Hussey
Associate Producer: Julie Watkins
Production Assistant: Sarah Olscamp
Second Unit Producer: Joanna Horton

natStarring: Nathanial Thatcher as Albert Smith; Rachael Wilcox as Lark Green; Jayson Carter as young Albert; Shelby Sporl as young Lark; Scott Hussey as Albertʼs dad; Daniel Donaldson as Larkʼs dad; Marc Boese as fireman. Pedestrians: Abigail Jane Platock, Kim Turton, Laura Bogen, Abhishek Mukherjee, Marcus Taylor, Matt Simons, Julie Watkins and Daniel Donaldson. Many thanks to Dolf James and the CORK Warehouse.