INVISIBLE (music video)

Two teens find their perfect match, if only they weren’t invisible to each other.


Director: Justin Suttles
Writers: Sharon Y. Cobb & Justin Suttles
Executive Producer: Duane A. Sikes
Producers: Justin Suttles, Oran Domingue
Director of Photography: Bryan Tan
Editor/Sound Designer – Justin Suttles
Colorist: Bryan Tan
Line Producer: Oran Domingue
Production Design: Haven Sierra, Heather Dunn
Wardrobe: Cindy Cyr
Makeup: Haven Sierra, Cindy Cyr
Casting Director: Anthony Paderewski
Production Assistants: Stephen Barton, Christopher Barton, Grace Bryan
Set Photographers: Chris Morrissey, Cindy Cyr
Songwriters: Dalton Cyr, Stefani Scovolo, Gerry Stober
Special Thanks: Wayne & Junior Scarborough; Deacon David Yazdiya; George & Suzanne Suttles; Grace Bryan.

Dalton Cyr, Catherine Atkinson, Emily Brandt, Jordan Cribbs

The first time I saw 15-year-old Dalton Cyr perform live on stage at the Riverside Arts Market, Jacksonville, Florida in the fall of 2015, I knew I was witnessing a phenomenon. The kid’s songs were compelling and memorable, his stage moves were confident and powerful, and his fans reacted to his every word and action with heart throb obsession.

It would be easy to let all that attention and early success go to your head, but Dalton Cyr has not. When invited to a dinner in honor of Dalton and his talented folks Cindy and Frank Cyr by a film producer I work with, Duane A. Sikes, I didn’t expect to meet a young man with such social poise and, well, let me say it… manners! Not once during the almost 2-hours dinner at the Florida Yacht Club did Dalton take his phone out of his pocket to check texts, messages or email. He was fully present and listened to every word when speaking with someone at the table. He asked thoughtful questions and he paid attention, making whomever he was chatting with feel special. He didn’t talk about himself and his future projects unless he was asked and then it was a few humble words.
I give full credit to Dalton and his parents for his mature and admirable behavior that day.


Later when I received an email from Dalton asking if I would consider writing a script for a music video for one of his new songs, there was no hesitation. Dalton is the kind of artist everyone wants to work with and rarely gets the opportunity. Over the next week, Dalton sent a couple of songs and after we settled on one called Invisible, I contacted Duane Sikes to ask if he would consider producing the music video. Absolutely!

InvisiblePosterFINAL copy

We needed a director who could handle special effects since Dalton’s new song Invisible screamed for FX. I was working on a feature concept with young director Justin Suttles and asked if he would consider directing. Over the next couple of weeks Justin and I collaborated on a script for Invisible, expanding the story that’s already in the song.

The song has a memorable tune and lyrics that are easy to remember. The song’s story carries a universal theme about a young man who feels invisible to a girl he’s falling in love with. She already has a jock boyfriend and never notices Dalton even though they are inches away.

Justin and I added another layer to the story and added a character, a young girl, who has fallen in love with Dalton, but he cannot see her. She is invisible to him as he is invisible to his crush.

Dalton endsInvisibleCDCover the song with hope, so the music video ends with hope in an unexpected way. I won’t spoil the ending for you and invite you to watch the extended version below.

Dalton and his folks wanted to get his fans involved in the video so they ran a photo contest, inviting fans worldwide to submit photos of themselves to feature in the video on a bulletin board that plays prominently into the story. Five lucky fans’ photos appear in Invisible. Can you spot them?

Speaking of the extended version, Duane A. Sikes presented a live premiere of the Invisible music video featuring Dalton Cyr in person at the San Marco Theatre in Jacksonville, Florida on Sunday, January 31.

InvisibleProgram4-color copy




It was a huge success with a hundred or so of Dalton fans and friends coming out for the premiere which included behind the scenes footage, a version of the music video with audio commentary by Dalton and director Justin Suttles, a slide show of production stills by Cindy Cyr and Chris Morrissey. Following the screening there was a Q&A which I moderated so fans could ask questions. During the Q&A, Invisible the music video went live on YouTube!



And then there was a meet and greet for fans to personally speak to Dalton, have their pics taken with him, and a drawing for Dalton swag. It was a day of joy for everyone involved.

I believe Dalton and his folks, Cindy and Frank, are pleased with the Invisible music video since they’ve asked me to collaborate on future projects. And they are even interested in a feature film I’ve written that has a perfect starring role for Dalton.

InvisibleTeam copy


Big congratulations to Dalton Cyr for his two nominations from the Young Artist Awards 2016: Best Performance in a TV Movie, Miniseries, Special or Pilot AND Outstanding Young Ensemble Cast in a Web or VOD Series!