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Here are comments and reviews from cool people who’ve read False Confessions of a True Hollywood Screenwriter:

I have often thought about writing the “Odyssey Of My Hollywood Writing And How I got Hemorrhoids.” Perhaps that’s the subtitle for the real title “Further Humiliations.” Because of the outrageous Sharon Y. Cobb, I no longer need to write the book but now I challenge her to write and make a memorable movie of “False Confessions Of A True Hollywood Screenwriter”!!! I think she’s tricking us, as I know she’s on the way to putting “The Player” in the shade. Just an LOL book!!!

Lew Hunter and Francis Ford Coppola

Lew Hunter and Francis Ford Coppola with Lew's book

—Lew Hunter
Chairman emeritus and professor of screenwriting, UCLA Department of Film and Television; formerly a writer/producer for ABC, CBS, NBC, Paramount, Warner Bros., Columbia TV; and author of “Lew Hunter’s Screenwriting 434.”

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