JANE (short)

Jane is a dark dramedy about a young woman caught in limbo between life and death after her jealous ex-boyfriend commits murder/suicide.

It’s a 7-minute film that I wrote and was Jane Short Film
produced for the 2011 Jacksonville 48 Hour
Film Project (48 HFP). Yes, our team (Best Friends) had 48 hours to write, shoot, edit and submit a film. The genre, a required character and prop and line of dialogue was dictated by the 48 HFP.

Jane by Team Best Friends got 12 nominations and 3 awards:
Best Actress (Julianna Piechovski) WINNER
Best Cinematography WINNER
Best Sound Design WINNER
Best Film
Audience Award Nominees: Group B
Best Use of Character
Best Directing
Best Writing
Best Sound/Audio Mixing
Best Editing
Make-Up/Special Effects Make-Up
Best Costumes

You may watch the film below.

Jane from Marc Boese on Vimeo.

Produced and Directed: Marc Boese
Screenplay: Sharon Y. Cobb
Original Score: Richard Colado
Director of Photography: Mark Hubbard
Edited: Mark Hubbard and Mark Boese
Associate Producer: Marcus A. Taylor
and Andrea McGee
Sound Engineer: Matt Simons
Assistant Director: Matt Arpen
Production Assistant: Michael Horton
and Scott O’Connor
Narrator: Tish Hubbard
Still Photography: Andrew Welch
Makeup: A. Joseph Wright
Extra: Andrew Beh

Bryan Massey as Joel
Julianna Piechovski as Jane
Download the poster: JanePoster

Characters from short film Jane

Crew on short film JaneTeam Best Friends

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