Dalton Cyr Music Video Written by Sharon Y. Cobb & Justin Suttles

So happy to say we’ll be premiering a new music video by Dalton Cyr called INVISIBLE on Sunday, January 31, 2016 at the San Marco Theatre in Jacksonville, FL from 12 noon through 2:00 p.m. Director Justin Suttles and I wrote the story for the video.

Here’s a teaser clip from the music video:

Here’s the official news release:

Recording Artist Dalton Cyr Free Video Premiere  

For Immediate Release: Jacksonville, FL —Recording artist and actor Dalton Cyr in conjunction with film producer Duane A. Sikes is giving back to the Jacksonville community by inviting the public to attend a free screening and Q & A for Dalton Cyr’s new music video in celebration of releasing his new single “Invisible”, the debut single from his upcoming third album, at the San Marco Theater, 1996 San Marco Blvd., in Jacksonville, FL on Sunday, January 31st from 12-2pm.

The song, written by Dalton Cyr with co-writers Stefani Scovolo and Gerry Stober in Los Angeles quickly became a fan favorite with Cyr performing it live while on tour this past summer and at select performances at such venues as Hard Rock Café in Hollywood, CA and Blueberry Hill in St. Louis, MO. The song accurately pictures what it feels like when a person is not seen…in essence “invisible”…to the person they most want to be seen by.

Cyr who describes himself as a storyteller and has a reputation for inspiring hope in people, says, “I wanted to create a music video in time for Valentine’s Day that speaks to the people who feel left out. I wanted to tell the story of what it’s like to feel invisible while also inspiring hope and courage especially in situations where sometimes people feel they have none.”


Cyr approached screenwriter Sharon Y. Cobb, who also scripted the movies June and Magical Mystery Cure and authored the book False Confessions of a True Hollywood Screenwriter to script the music video. He says, “When we met to discuss my vision for the project, I told Sharon I wanted the story to create a powerful message for people—to give them hope even if or when they feel invisible.”

Cyr, a native of Jacksonville, reached out to Cobb while working in L.A. He says he sent her the song and asked her if she’d like to be a part of the project. “Sharon had a really awesome idea for the video that I loved.” However, the idea required special effects so Sharon put Cyr in contact with director Justin Suttles who she knew could create the desired effect.

A meeting took place in September with Cyr, Cobb, Award-Winning director Justin Suttles, who directed Hominid and co-produced the feature length documentary The Strangers Project, and a well-known Duane,Dalton,Justin,SYCproducer Duane A. Sikes, who has produced over 65 movies and TV shows across the country. Sikes agreed to be the executive producer for the “Invisible” project and planning commenced.

Cobb says she was excited to work on a project with Cyr, who is making waves in L.A. having landed his first lead in a TV pilot last spring and who is a supporting lead in the upcoming film, “Time Toys” due out in 2016 which will also feature two of Cyr’s songs. Cobb says, “The first time I saw Dalton perform live, I was impressed by his musical talent but also by the deep connection he has with his fans. He has a unique gift for empathic bond driven by a sincere care for others. He feels our pain, our joy, our love and all of that shows up in his music, his words and his songs.”

The video was shot on location in Jacksonville with cast and crew from Jacksonville, Florida, Savannah, Georgia, and Atlanta, Georgia in an effort to support the local film community. Cyr whInvisibleTeamo frequently recognizes fans’ support held a contest where fans could submit photos of themselves that would be used in the video. Five winners were randomly chosen: Gaby Martinez (Jacksonville, FL), Hanna Hadzic (Jacksonville, FL), Sean Young (Singapore), Mackensie Henderson (Williston, FL), and Brianna Hart (Pocahontas,Arkansas.) Winners were also invited to a private dinner with Cyr and the “Invisible” cast and crew at The Florida Yacht Club.

The “Invisible” Screening will take place from noon to 2:00 PM on Sunday, January, 31, 2016 at the San Marco Theatre located at 1996 San Marco Blvd., in Jacksonville, FL. Cyr will be available for photos and autographs during a meet-n-greet and Q & A following the screening. Memorabilia from the event will be given out on a first-come, first-serve basis until they run out.

The “Invisible” Music Video will be released on Dalton Cyr’s YouTube channel after the premiere.

For more information follow Dalton Cyr on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter or visit www.DaltonCyr.com.

About Dalton Cyr (Recording Artist, Songwriter, Musician, Actor): Recording artist, songwriter,singer, musician and actor Dalton Cyr has written, recorded and released two albums “I’ll Be There” and “A New Day”. He released his first single at the age of 10. By the age of 12 industry talent scouts named him as “one of the most promising upcoming songwriters in the world.” As an actor, he starred as “Judd” in Amazon Studios music-driven sitcom, “A History of Radness” written and executive produced by “Hannah Montana’s” Andrew Green and as Holden in the movie, “Time Toys” directed by Mark Rosman (“A Cinderella Story”, “The Perfect Man”) due out in 2016. Two of his original songs will be featured in “Time Toys”. Managed by Kepler Entertainment in L.A., he has artist relationships with Taylor Guitars, Fender Guitar, Ernie Ball, and Guitar Center. In 2015, he was inducted into Robert M Knight’s The Brotherhood of the Guitar. He is a National Ambassador of The Dream Factory, an organization that grants dreams to critically and chronically ill children. A native of Jacksonville, Dalton splits his time between Jacksonville Beach, FL and Los Angeles, CA.

About Duane A Sikes (Executive Producer): A native of Jacksonville, Florida, Duane began to pursue his interest in film production as a teenager, gaining experience by working at the local Public broadcasting station and later worked in the Movie Theater industry. Duane worked with the American Broadcasting Company, meeting many individuals that became mentors to him including A.C. Lyles at Paramount Pictures. Since 2006, Duane has served as producer for over 65 movies and television shows. Because of his love of independent film and discovering the best and brightest upcoming directors and actors, he continues to actively produce films and television programs all across the country.

About Sharon Y. Cobb (Screenwriter): Sharon Y. Cobb is a professional screenwriter and member of Writers Guild of America west. She has written and sold a dozen projects to Hollywood including Return of the Sweet Birds to Fox 2000 Pictures (Danny Glover and Babyface Edmonds) and “On Hostile Ground” which was broadcast on TBS worldwide. Her feature films also include June and Lighthouse Hill. She has also penned many award-winning short films and a novel False Confessions of a True Hollywood Screenwriter.

About Justin Suttles (Director): Justin Suttles is an independent writer/director of films and music videos. A Jacksonville, FL native, since a young age, Justin has been unyieldingly passionate about filmmaking. After an entire childhood of pursuing the craft, and a couple of awards later, Justin attended the Savannah College of Art Design from 2010-2015 where he earned his Bachelors of the Fine Arts Degree in Film + Television and a minor in Music Composition. Having directed multiple films and music videos, Justin is eager to continue presenting stories across this cherished medium that we call film, as he actively pursues a career as a writer/director.

For more information and media opportunities, please contact: Cindy Cyr

Phone: 904-386-1009 | Email: daltoncyrmusic@gmail.com

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