Zombie Rock at LOL JAX Zombie Film Festival

We were shooting zombies on Sunday, September 23, 2018. Well, actually shooting a short film I wrote called Zombie Rock. It is featured in the LOL JAX Zombie Film Festival, Friday, October 19, 2018 at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery’s Haunted Brewery attraction in Jacksonville, FL.

The comedy is about local rock star Zach who returns from vacay in Haiti a changed man… well, ah, zombie, actually. So, when he shows up at the club for a gig with his band and everyone gets a sniff of the Zombie Love Potion powder that changed his life, it’s a zobomination.

The 6-minute film is presented by Mann Shorts and is directed, produced and edited by Justen Mann with cinematography by Jaron Wallace. Hair and makeup by Adela Hittell, Travis Kleiber, Lori Melline, Emily Melissa, Brandi Ford and Melissa Cooper.

The film stars: Cameron Henderson, Tom Siedle, Cher Davis, Traci L. Newman, Jas Abramowitz, Josh Townsend, and Kyle Rigsby. Featured as zombie rock fans: Grace H. Bryan

Melissa Cooper, Brandi Ford, Juliet Galleon, Garth Gunderson, Ray Lewis, Lori Melline, Katey Williams, Shanna Williams, Rebekah Wilson, Rodney Wilson, Allison Wolfson, Lisa Wolfson, and Buddy Worwetz.

The crew included: Curtis Jacobsen, 1st Assistant Director; Melissa Glisson, 2ndAssistant Director; Brian Smith, 1stAssistant Camera; Kat McLeod Raspa, Script Supervisor; Gordon Richards, Sound Mixer; Josh Townsend, Gaffer; Kyle Rigsby, Grip; and Daniel Andujar, Swing.

Special thanks to Louis Joseph for our brilliant location The Mudville Grille.

See Zombie Rock’s imdb page: https://pro.imdb.com/title/tt9134104/?ref_=search_search_result_1

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