The Other Half Wins 48 Go Green Runner Up and Screens at Academy Theatre

Go Green Academy Screening

48 Go Green International Film Competition announced that Best Friends Films’ film The Other Half written by Sharon Y. Cobb, won Runner Up for Best Film in their 2012 short film competition. The contest happens simultanteously worldwide during three events over a 48 hour period which includes creating the concept, writing the script, casting, shooting the film and editing.

Best Friends won $1,000 in cash and prizes. The film screened with other winners on Friday, April 19, 2013, at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Samuel Goldwyn Theatre. Yes, this is the home of the Oscar folks in Beverly Hills. This is the second year that Best Friends, led by producer/director Marc Boese, has competed in the Go Green competition. The group’s 2011 film, Way Off the Grid, was among the top-rated films competing worldwide.


Winners were chosen by online voting and the Top 45 movies were evaluated by the Judges’ Committee. Visit the 48 Go Green website to view the film:

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The Other Half is a Best Friends film produced and directed by Marc Boese. The film was shot and edited by Mark Hubbard and written by Sharon Y. Cobb. Graphics by Brian Oakley and music by Richard Colado. Additional crew include: Marcus A. Taylor, line producer; Julie Watkins, associate producer; Sarah Olscamp, production assistant; Joanna C. Horton, second unit producer; Matt Simons, second unit director; and Scott Hussey, second unit line producer.

The short film stars Nathanial Thatcher, Rachael Wilcox, Jayson Carter, Shelby Sporl, Scott Hussey, Daniel Donaldson, Marc Boese, Katherine Bennett, Abigail Jane Platock, Kim Turton, Laura Bogen, Abhishek Mukherjee, Marcus Taylor, Matt Simons, Julie Watkins, and Daniel Donaldson.


The story is about Albert Smith who is looking for the young woman in a torn photo he found. Lark Green is trying to tell the world about how to save the environment. No one listens. She knows she must find the boy in a torn photo she’s found because he will help her save the earth. Will Albert and Lark find each other? In a world as messed as this one…maybe.

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