Ortega River Rats Wraps Principal Photography

Another short I wrote, Ortega River Rats, was shot in Jacksonville, Florida, June 22-26, 2017.

Evan Gray, Cooper Chapman and Auggie Pulliam

It’s a Family Time Travel Adventure about four kids who search for the lost treasure of mobster Machine Gun Kelly to save the life of their beloved dog. But when they break into the house where the gangster hid out in the 1930s, they unwittingly stumble into a time warp. And yes, they find the treasure, but that’s just as Machine Gun Kelly finds them. Can their 21st Century smarts and technology help them find their way home in time to save themselves and their dog?

After editing is completed, the short film will be submitted to film festivals worldwide.

Ortega River Rats Cast and Crew

Executive Producer
Duane A. Sikes

Grace Bryan
Sharon Y. Cobb

Cooper Chapman
Auggie Pulliam

Sharon Y. Cobb

Robert Henderson

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