Huffington Post Features Article about Dalton Cyr’s Breathe Music Film

On April 16, 2017, Huffington Post featured an article about a music film I co-wrote with Dalton Cyr and Cindy Panetti Cyr. The film called Breathe enjoyed a standing-room-only premiere at the Sun-Ray Cinema in Jacksonville, Florida on April 9.

Breathe is about a young man at the height of love and happiness who must overcome a personal tragedy to move on with his life. The trilogy of music videos include: “Fall into Place,” “Echo” and “Let It Go.” The film was directed by Andrew Wilkins of Crop Media and Dalton Cyr. Writers included Dalton Cyr, Cindy Panetti Cyr and myself. Starring in the film were Dalton Cyr, Megan Brown, Dawn Crawford and Christopher Morrissey.











Read the article in full:

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