Dalton Cyr’s Music Film Breathe Premiere Standing Room Only

On Sunday, April 9, 2017, fans, friends and family of 16-year-old musician/actor Dalton Cyr packed the Sun-Ray Cinema in Jacksonville, Florida, for the exclusive premiere of Breathe, Cyr’s moving new music film. The film is made up of original music videos written and performed by the young talent. All three videos were produced by Duane A. Sikes Productions and shot in Jacksonville, Florida.

Dalton Cyr, Dawn Crawford and Sharon Y. Cobb during Breathe’s Q&A

Breathe is about a young man at the height of love and happiness who must overcome a personal tragedy to move on with his life. The trilogy of music videos include: “Fall into Place,” “Echo” and “Let It Go.” The film was directed by Andrew Wilkins of Crop Media and Dalton Cyr. Writers included Dalton Cyr, Cindy Panetti Cyr and myself. Starring in the film were Dalton Cyr, Megan Brown, Dawn Crawford and Christopher Morrissey.

Dalton Cyr at Sun-Ray Cinema in Jacksonville, FL for the premiere of his music film Breathe

During the Q&A, Dalton announced that the film supports Teens Against Distracted Driving and encouraged teens in the audience to sign a pledge to avoid texting while driving.

The premiere at Sun-Ray ran from 12 noon until 1:30 p.m. and included a meet-and-greet with Dalton, an exclusive sneak peek of the entire 15-minute film, a Q&A with Dalton, cast and crew, as well as an opportunity for teens to sign the Distracted Driving pledge and have photos taken with Dalton.

Many at the premiere left messages on a bulletin board about their reaction to the film and Dalton’s trilogy of videos. The Cyr family created a short video featuring the audience thoughts and you can see it below.

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