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I lived and worked as a screenwriter in Hollywood in the 90s. I still write movies and TV, along with my books.

When I was in Hell-A, I sold a dozen or so projects (meaning scripts or rewrites for scripts, pitches). Most didn’t get produced, which is common. I even sold a pitch with writing partner Carolyn McDonald to Fox 2000 with Danny Glover and BabyFace Edmonds attached. Fox paid us, we wrote two drafts of the screenplay, Fox hired a new studio head and put the script on the shelf with thousands of others. I really love that story and hope someday Return of the Sweet Birds will be produced.

Another writing partner and I sold a pitch to a movie-of-the-week production company for a great deal of cash. That story became a TBS premiere movie that pulled huge ratings. It is called On Hostile Ground and starred John Corbett.

Oh, and Andy Gallerani, a director friend, hired me to rewrite a romantic comedy. The indie film got made and went to a few film festivals. Just Write is the name and stars Jeremy Piven (of HBO’s Entourage), Sherilyn Fenn and JoBeth Williams.

My favorite film that was produced was written to be shot in my home state of Florida, but a very smart British director optioned the script and decided to make the film in England. It stars Jason Flemyng, Kirsty Mitchell and Frank Finlay. Check out the trailer of Lighthouse Hill. You can buy the DVD on Amazon or put it in your queue on Netflix or Blockbuster.

Short films are a way for screenwriters to see their stories and characters in moving pictures more often and faster than waiting for a feature script to get purchased and produced. So I’ve written my share of shorts.

Here are links to several. They’re short, so have a peek.

Jane, winner of several awards at 2011 Jacksonville 48 Hour Film Project.

Way Off The Grid, one of the top films of the 2011 Go Green film competition.

Kar Karma, a comedy about two Aussies coming to America.

Easter Bunny Super Hero, winner of Best Film and seven other awards at the 2007 48 Hour Film Project.

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